PE 05.03.21

This week we are continuing with our striking skills but this time you are trying to strike your object further. You will need some scrunched up paper, a rolled up pair of socks, a soft ball. Have a go and see how far you can hit a ball using just your hands.

Here's another dance routine for you to learn. CHALLENGE: Can you teach the sequence to an adult in your household?

PE 26.02.21

Welcome back, everyone. Let's get active together and develop our hand-eye coordination skills further and start building in rallying too. You will need a racket and softball OR a hardback book and scrunched up paper/tin foil will work just as well.

Over half term, I enjoyed keeping active by learning some new dance moves. Test out your skills here with Dance to School who helped me with my dance training.

PE 12.02.21

Hello Crawley Ridge. Today is the final PE lesson of the half-term. You have the usual two activities. Chance to Shine has a lesson that we would like you to take part in, called Ferocious Fielding. Then, Mrs. Mistry has created a 15-minute yoga lesson for you to follow to help you stretch out all your muscles ready for a relaxing half-term break.

We also have a very special guest coaching session by Bobby Wakeford in Hazel Class. Click on the link below to take part in Bobby's fitness session that he created just for us.

PE 05.02.21

Hello Crawley Ridge. I hope you've all had a great week and have been working hard in all your lessons whilst remembering to take regular screen breaks.

As it is Children's Mental Health and Well-being Week, one part of today's PE lesson is focusing on looking after your well-being in a calm and controlled way. Our very own, wonderful Mrs. Mistry, who is fully trained in teaching children's yoga, has very kindly created a yoga session, just for us at Crawley Ridge. So, come on, join in and give it a go. 

Remember you can pause the video if you can't quite perform the move the first time around.

The other part of today's PE lesson focuses in on our bowling skills. 

PE 29.01.21

Hello Crawley Ridge. Welcome to the third lesson where we are going to be continuing to work on our hand-eye coordination skills.

You will need either: a cricket bat, a frying pan, a tennis racket, or a wide wooden spatula. If you don't have any of those things, you could just try and use your hand.

In addition, you will also need: tennis ball, soft ball or rolled-up pair of socks along with 4 small targets e.g. some plastic cups or an empty milk carton.

Enjoy and don't forget to let us know your scores.

To help you relax after your activity and a busy week of learning, try the body scan meditation below.

PE 22.01.21

Hello everyone. Here is your PE for this week. 

We will be practising our striking skills. A balloon, pair of socks or a loosely scrumpled piece of paper will be needed along with a frying pan, a paper plate or a pad of A4 paper.

Follow the lesson and then see if you can challenge someone in your house to a mini match. Have Fun!

Your second activity is about finding a way to relax our bodies. We've all been working so hard and now we need a tool to help us stretch our muscles and feel ready to enjoy our weekend.

PE 15.01.21

Hello Crawley Ridge. For PE this week, you will take part in great lesson that helps you practise your throwing, catching and bowling skills. You will need a small ball (tennis ball size or pair of socks rolled up), a target (a bucket or cushion) and a bat or racket (a frying pan would work). You can then make a giant hamster wheel and try and move like a hamster around the room. Can you challenge a friend or sibling to a race?

PE 08.01.21

This week's activities involve a winter themed, 'Would you rather..?' activity and an alphabet scavenger hunt - this task should be completed as quickly as possible.

Don't forget to let us know how you are getting on. If you have a fun active game you would like to share with the school, just drop your teacher an email. You never know, it might get added to this blog page for everyone to try!